Princesses Mall Shopping

Girls 4 Played

Take the mom you’ll go first and study all the possible combination you could design. Remember, the princesses are caring a baby with them so find a practical outfit, but also a fancy one because it’s in their nature to look dapper all the time. If you like the dress more you should choose to take one or you could look after a mix with a short and a top. The more you try out the better your choice will be so decide on the clothes and then go to the other store where you’ll provide an important piece of your outfit: the shoes. Pick right one and don’t forget to add a matching bag to them so in this way you could finalize your work. Use your abilities in fashion area and put in there some creativity too. Feel free to create two totally different designs that would combine a unique style to define your work. Get a special attire for these pregnant princesses and have fun doing it.

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